Monday, July 6, 2009

A wonderful experience

"A wonderful experience" cannot even come close to summing up into words this past week of my life. I came to see Italy and study pastels. This I did and more. Laura was a wonderful teacher, and I learned so much from her. I think my primary medium of plein air painting, will indeed, be pastels this summer.
The people here have been so kind and welcoming in every way. Silvano is a wonderful host. Both he and Joan went the extra mile in every way to make our experience more than we could dream it would be. Joan drove us all over the countryside sharing her love for the land and its people with us. Eliana has spoiled us with her wonderful cooking and her bright smile. Ilenia has been a joy to visit with at meal times, again with the same bright smile that everyone here seem to share.
I thank all these wonderful people I have mentioned and many more that I have not for an experience of a life time.
By the way, did I even mention how beautiful it is here? I'll bring this place and its people home in my heart. I feel blessed!!!!!!!!!! posted by Nancy Woogen