Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Making Focaccia

With great ease, we made some focaccia with rosemary as another appetizer.


These were some treats that Wendy, Teresa and  Fiona made for a group of SlowFooders from Siena:

 Marilyn and Jamie are in their element.

Cooking with Wendy and Teresa at Antonelli San Marco.

Here we are the lovely Cucina in Cantina at Antonelli San Marco.  Wendy and Teresa teach us to prepare the following in such an orderly and expert manner that one would never believe that such a meal could be prepared in such a short time:

Focaccia al rosmarino
Frittata con zucchine
Melanzane al forno con erbe   

Gnocchi de patate con sugo di pomodoro

Pollo alla cacciatora
Patate tricolore

Panna cotta consalsa di fragola
Ciambelline al vino rosso.

Onions sauteeing for the Frittata

Patate tricolore
Ingredients for Patate Tricolore

Teresa chops parsley

Zucchini for the Frittata

Teresa cooks the Frittata.

Our Antipasti:  Prosciutto, Salami, Pecorino and Frittata.

Our dessert:  Ciambelline al vino rosso.

I'll put some of the other food we prepared in another post.

Up and Over to Umbria

April 20, 2012

Today we departed from Rome (via Fuimicino airport to pick up the rental car) to wend our way to Montefalco in Umbria.  On the way we stopped at Orvieto to have lunch and take a look at the Duomo and also have a little tour of the Etruscan underground, something that really creeped out Marilyn.

These are pigeon holes.  Jamie and Marilyn don't look too impressed!  Get me out of here!

After our little excursion in Orvieto, we went on to Montefalco where we stayed at a hotel very reminiscent of old patrician wealth, a  country house a little more than 100 years old.  Its architecture is quite art nouveau, with its wooden paneling embellished with curved insets, glass lamp shades, and other fixtures.  It is a very comfortable place, surrounded by a large  lovely garden which housed many birds just for Marilyn, the birdwatcher.

This evening we dined at the best place in town, a  restaurant with regional fare cooked by the very creative Patrizia.  Only locally grown foods are used.    We had a lovely evening with Wendy and her husband Antonio.

Off to bed:  tomorrow we have a cooking lesson with Wendy!  Better be sharp.

Trevi Fountain

April 19, 2012

Today we walked (in the rain) in the direction  of Trevi Fountain so the newcomers to Rome to thrown their proverbial coins in the fountain and then on over to the Gallery Borghese, after a lunch at Okiba Mozzarrela Bar.

Lydia, Jamie and Marilyn at Trevi.

I think the main purpose of going here was to get gelato at San Crispino's afterward!

Afterward, we traipsed over to the Villa Borghese for a very wonderful viewing of the Caravaggio's and Bernini sculptures.  I cannot get over the symbolic realism of the former and the life that Bernini  infused into marble.

Our last dinner in Rome was at a very nice restaurant near the hotel so we could tumble quickly into our beds and rise early for the trip tomorrow to Umbria.

Photos of Rome

We also went for a bus tour on the Hop On Hop Off bus to get a bigger and better overview of the city. It had stopped raining, but the audio on the bus we were on was not operating, so we weren't sure what we were seeing all the time.

But here are a few pictures of Roman life:

On Wednesday morning, our official first day of the Foodie's trip, we went to Campo dei Fiori, the large food market in the old part of Rome (Centro Storico) to see, partake, and purchase some of the beautiful produce, meat market, pastry stores, and miscellaneous goods available.  Lydia and I bought scarves (and I haven't yet paid her back my share of the combined purchase price); Marilyn wanted to sample some of the fava beans but was reprimanded by the very stern vendor; pomegranate juice was tasted; oranges and yellow plums were purchased.  It's a cacophony of color at Campo dei Fiori.

From there we walked down the via Giulia, over the Tiber to Trastevere where we had pizza for lunch, then up to the gardens of Gianicolo Hil, where we chatted with some very cheery gardeners and students, then on up the steep hill to the Tempietto, a jewel of  Renaissance architecture.

We walked a lot!