Saturday, December 3, 2011

Joan's Travel Tips No. 5,6 and 7!

Some of my family just before departing after a great Thanksgiving.

I've been negligent these past few weeks. Thanksgiving put a hold onto everything, even though I had a great one. We had a houseful, which involved a lot of planning and work, although per my son's orders, I delegated a lot of meal prep and clean-up and therefore actually got a change to do some of our traditional puzzling. Anyway here are the travel tips:

5. When you use an ATM, have someone with you to monitor outside activity. Watch out for suspicious looking people before you begin. If you don’t feel comfortable, go elsewhere. Don’t leave the ATM until your money and card are safely tucked away. Make sure to get your card!!!!!!!!!!!


7. Don’t buy many euros in US before going – unless you get a deal, fees are too expensive.Take 100 euros with you, max.