Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travel Tips


My son Gordo, who’s had some eye-opening experiences during some of his trips abroad, had a great idea: to post informational tips I’ve learned over the years during my travels. Some I’ve learned through bad experiences; some are from good experiences; some are just commonsensical. I can’t claim that these will be unique tips – most travelers will come up with the same advice. Anyway, here goes:

Joan’s Travel Tip No. 1:

Pack light; travel light. This will save on those pesky airline baggage fees and in today’s do-it-yourself atmosphere (except in the swankiest places), it will save your back. Many hotels no longer have bellhops to help you lug in your stuff. My advice: pack your bag (not plural) and then take 1/3 out. You’re also allowed about 45 pounds for a checked bag on an international flight. Can you carry it comfortably?

Travel Tip No. 2:

To help pack light, take clothes with similar palette, mix and match, 2 pairs of shoes, scarves for color.