Sunday, October 31, 2010

Plein Air on Cape Cod, October 23 AM

A very cool shadow at Fort Hill!

Billy is so threathening!

A very pleased Billy!

Ellen concentrates on her breakthrough piece, gets approval, and then packs up for the morning.

Deb's painting of Fort Hill.

Windblown Deb!

And Michael's painting of Fort Hill. This is a breakthrough piece from Michael. Hooray.

Larry Hill really loves to paint, even though he's quite new at pastels. "Billy, help me see!"

Our Tennessee Peggy enjoys the Cape, even in the wind.

Larry D tries a new medium.

Pastels are proving a challenge!

Karen in the Weeds

Stephanie is really happy to paint again.

View from Fort Hill

Billy and I were both snagged
by this damned stick on Fort Hill.