Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joan's Travel Tips No. 8 and 9

1.      Tip No. 8:
1.      Also take a credit card;  notify the card company that you’ll be going to x,y,z countries during a certain period, so they don’t shut you off.  It might be wise to have 2 credit cards, in case one gets compromised, which happens and is a pain, but the possibility exists.  Carry the 2 cards and your ATM card in different places.

              Tip No. 9:         

  If     If you carry a purse, use one that is difficult for street urchins to access.  Lots of closed zippers, lots of pockets, lots of secret places are good.  Remember:  DIVIDE UP YOUR MONEY AND CREDIT CARDS, so you don’t lose everything in case of pickpocketing or misplacement of goods.