Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trulli Puglia

We are announcing a new trip  - one to Puglia, leaving September 28 and returning October 10, 2012.  It will be led by Augustino Di Bari, a native of Fasano in Puglia, which is the shoe part of the Italian boot.  Here are some pictures to entice you.  Details are on the website.

Castel Monte, an old octagonal fortress

One  of the many trulli (plural of trullo), the quite unique cone-roofed buildings throughout Puglia, but especially prevalent in Alberobello.

 Polignano sul Mare.

Masseria Il Trappeto, our home away from home.  Looks inviting, doesn't it?

Joan's Travel Tips No. 21 and 22.

1.    21.   Remember that 1 kilometer equals 0.6 US or English mile.  In comparison to the English standard therefore, distances will be shorter than expected, unless you’ve been walking for hours.

2.    22.   Remember that the Euro has been worth more than the US Dollar for many years now.  That translates to a higher dollar outlay.