Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MUSIC IN MILAN - March 10 - 18, 2013 Day 1,


A total of 20 of left for Milan at all different times and days, from NYC, from Chicago and from Boston.  This trip was for the benefit of those who went, to provide most of them with the unrealized dream of attending two performances at La Scala,  and also to contribute to the Annual Fund of  the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra.

I apologize for not posting to this blog daily while on our trip.  However, the internet at the hotel was rather slow, my netbook was slower and it became a futile attempt to do little.  I decided to wait until I got home where faster equipment awaited.

Here's a group of us from the Cape riding up to Logan in our stretch limo equipped with lots of glasses, none of which we used:

Irene Haney, Donna Hirshberg, and Jessica Edgar.

Jessie was a very happy girl, to be taking a sanctioned week off from school to go to La Scala and be surrounded by her beloved music all week.  (I know it's a lousy photo, but her smile is wonderful!)

I don't have any other photos of the departure day.   Our plane took off at 10:45 pm, so we were all quite tired by the time we arrived at Malpensa and took the awaiting limo to our hotel, the great Hotel de la Ville, perfectly located in central Milan, 3 minutes at most from the Duomo and 5 minutesat most  from La Scala.

We had a short get-together at the hotel, where we introduced ourselves and  chatted with one another. Jerry Karter, Executive Director of the CCSO, was present and thanked the participants for their contributions to the Symphony.  Then we all went out together to Al Cantinone for the first of our many dishes of risotto - this one had porcini mushrooms, apples and chestnuts.

(I think many of us were too tired to think of photos this day.  Maybe some will be posted at a later date.)

Good Night.  Sleep Well,  Arise Quite Early Tomorrow.

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